The Leadership Team


Austin Dowd
I’m a stay at home full-time with my sons Emory and Kellen. I am a graduate
of NCSU and formerly a photographer & marketer.


James Kline
Co-Founder, PR Manager
Father of two, board member of National At-Home Dad
Network and enjoy exploring the Triangle area parks with kids.


Ian Worthington
Co-Organizer, Online Presence Manager

I’m in my third year as a full-time dad. With my lil man in tow, it’s just as much the great adventure as it was my first day. My wife likes eating from the grill almost every day and my son keeps taking after my musical likes, so we’re all good!


Sandy Rose
Event Organizer

I am a financial and insurance advisor with a home-based practice where I also take care of our only son, Ryan.



Daniel Wilkerson
Event Organizer
I like cheese.