Being the full-time caregiver for our children presents unique challenges. Full-time parenting groups in our area are mostly, if not exclusively, moms. We needed a group where dads weren’t the minority. This group gives an opportunity to share and talk about the unique challenges of being a dad. Kids of all ages are welcome.

We hold weekly playgroups, primarily Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. As more members have joined and interest has grown, we’ve added additional playgroups at other times throughout the week.

A few times a year we get together for a family picnic. For our regular members, this is a wonderful time we get to put faces to names and meet the wonderful women and partners who have become the silent faces of this group. If you’re a new member, this is a great chance to meet everyone in a low key setting.

If you aren’t a stay-at-home dad but are interested in joining, please do. This group was founded and populated by men looking for a place to meet outside of the traditional mommy-only playgroups. If you’re a dad from another walk of life don’t be afraid to give us a chance. Just don’t be thrown off if we spend the whole playgroup tying shoes, wiping runny noses and talking about beer and cars.